I got verified on findoms


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I am sick and tired of wasters and wankers saying ohh you’re not real blah blah blah. Wtvr loosers now I am officially verified on findoms so you can go and take a hike.


So if you paypiggies wanna get around and play with me I suggest you make an account there. http://www.findoms.com/


Also message me at shondrarae@gmail.com

A session with my legs – Now available


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ImageI have opened sessions for cam shows showing my legs to pay pigs who want to adore and worship my beautiful legs.

If you wish to book a session you firstly need to pay Tribute see my Tribute session and then you will e-mail me at shondrarae@gmail.com

I am feeling pretty generous today so I am waiting for my piggies to worship and watch my online. A preview of my beautiful legs.

Worship me


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Just saying there to all the pathetic little pricks out there: I am not a sex toy. I am not interested in having sex with you. All you can do is become my little bank piggy and cater to my every need. And I will watch you pathetic little ass getting dressed up for me and do what I want and laugh.  Cause you’re a worthless little looser.

Do you want me to talk to you? Try harder than a “Hi”. Pay me tribute and you might get a chance for me to talk to you. Do you think if I am 18 years old I will give in for any kind of penny you give me? You’re so wrong you little piggy. You have to impress me. Impress me if you want me to even care about you. But guess what? I won’t care either way because you’re nothing but a pathetic little piggy who will do whatever I want.

E-mail me at shondrarae@gmail.com if you even hope you might get an answer.

Oh and see the picture? Those legs? They will never be yours. But you will pay to dress them, wash them, worship them.

Miss Shondra – The Ultimate Findomme Experience with a barely legal findom


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That means I can legally drain all the money that I can from the little piggy banks and sissies that you all are. And you all know you want to serve and worship me.

I love being a rich spoiled brat and rapping your wallet because this is what I love and this is what I deserve. But don’t try to fight it. It’s what you are here for. Have you ever fantasized about being ruled by just a barelly legal college student?

I love manipulating male’s minds always done it since I was really young and always made men do what I want. Soon ALL you will you want to do is PAY and OBEY.

My favorite fetishes are foot fetish, shoe fetish, humiliation, verbal abuse,  sissification, cuckolding, tease and denial, and financial fuckery. I enjoy full and total control.

Cater to all my needs and pleasure right now! Do you want to be my piggy bank? Pay me tribute right now and you might be lucky enough to receive pictures of your mistress’ feet. That is more than you deserve.

If you wish to give me more you can just e-mail me at shondrarae@gmail.com



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